W2: Arrays

1. Dęho’dę’ gędoh na’degaǫ:’ ne hni’ otahǫ:t? 2. Dęho’dę’ nęsa:ge gyęgwa’ ęwahdo:k ne hni’ ęsehs arrays?

W2: Language Conventions

Verbs are action words. Ie. sadręno:dę’ (sing), sęhsęto’ (kick). Adjectives describe what something looks like. Ie. ojitgwa’ niyohso̱hgǫ’dę’. In Cayuga, when describing non-living things, we…

W2: Gaǫto:wihs

We sing gaǫto:wihs not only to give thanks and encourage our food crops to grow but for all plants.  They all have a purpose. Some…

W2: Vocabulary Building

Not all dirt (ohehda’) will support growing plants the same.   All soil (ohehda’) is made up of a combination of: Clay – oda:’ Silt –…

W3: Ganǫhǫnyohk

Listen to the Ganǫhǫnyohk everyday. Works towards saying it independently with as few mistakes as possible.

W1: Arrays

1. 2. Dęhodę’ gędoh arrays 3. Ęwahdo:k shęnyo array 4. Doni:yo arrays a:sehsrǫ:nih?