National Indigenous Languages Day



Inspiration for this design came from, of course our languages but, we also wanted to capture what that means to us.  Our languages are precious; Precious Words.  Our committee wanted our traditional languages to be seen; all of them.  With help from some friends around our Haudenosaunee Territories we were able to have the phrase, “Precious Words” translated into all Six Languages.  Special Niá:wen/Nyá:węh to the following good people: Tracy Deer aka Karahkwíson, Oowee Ferguson from Tuscarora, Jamie Jacobs from Tonawanda, Bobby Brown from Wisconsin, and Maura aka Little Sun from Onondaga.  

The characters embraced within the design can be found in our school’s logo.  Another element taken from our logo is the feather art from the original logo design from 30 years ago.  Behind the main concept you’ll find a tobacco plant displayed neatly in the background.  Burning tobacco carries our precious words up to Shonkwaia’tíhson.  


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