LNMCO 11 Mohawk Language

Angela · September 4, 2020

Course Expectations

This course will provide students an opportunity to expand their knowledge of a Native language and of Native philosophy, spirituality and values. It will enhance their identity and self-worth. Students will communicate by using a variety of phrases and expressions, create short conversations, skits, stories, and narratives, use information technology, and develop an awareness of the structural and functional workings of a Native language. This course is open to students who have successfully completed NL2 or who can demonstrate the required proficiency.

Unit Titles

Unit 1Kanonhweratontshera (Daily)38
Unit 2Four Sacred Ceremonies10
Unit 3Karihwi:io (Handsome Lake Code)10
Unit 4Creation Story14
Unit 5Cycle of Ceremonies10
Unit 6Midwinter – Independent Study (included)14
Unit 7Medicines15
Unit 8From Great Law – Overview14

Overall Curriculum Expectations


  • demonstrate listening skills in a variety of situations;
  • converse on familiar and new topics in structured and open-ended situations;
  • communicate ideas and information for a variety of purposes using new vocabulary and known expressions;
  • demonstrate an understanding of language structures and vocabulary in a variety of contexts;
  • use various forms of communication to express Native philosophy;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the oral traditions of the language under study;
  • use information technology to communicate in a Native language.


  •  read passages on familiar and unfamiliar topics and infer the meaning of new words and language pattern in those passages;
  • identify language patterns and vocabulary that have been learned through oral work;
  • read for a variety of purposes;
  • demonstrate comprehension of a variety of reading materials;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the history of the Native language under study;
  • use information technology to communicate in a Native language.


  • express ideas in writing, using familiar and new vocabulary and language structures;
  • demonstrate creativity and clarity in the communication of ideas, feelings, and information;
  • demonstrate accuracy in writing and a knowledge of linguistic conventions;
  • use information technology to communicate in a Native language;

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