Kanien’kehá:ka Grade 3 & 4 Physical Education.

Ronkwe'tiio · May 26, 2020

Welcome to the Physical Education for grade 3 and 4. In this course you find fun activities that will meet the requirements of the Ontario Curriculum.


  1. Complete the activities at your own leisure. To ensure the safety of everyone complete at your own convenience and \ or comfort level.
  2. to find the activities are below.
  3. once your done the activity click complete.
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Physical Education

Fundamental Movement Skills

Overall Expectations

  • perform the basic movement skills required to participate in physical activities: locomotion/travelling (dodging, chasing), manipulation (striking, hitting) and stability (balancing on equipment, performing rolls)
  • demonstrate the principles of movement (various body shapes; using sudden, sustained, fast or slow movements using locomotion/travelling, manipulation and stability skills

Active Participation

Overall Expectations

  • Participate on a regular basis in physical activities that maintain or improve physical fitness (skipping)
  • Recognize the personal benefits of being physically active
  • Acquire living skills (basic problem solving, decision making, goal setting and interpersonal skills) through physical activities (games, gymnastics, dance, outdoor pursuits)
  • Follow safety procedures related to physical activity, equipment, and facilities

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 40 Topics