Geography 7/8 – Physical Patterns in a Changing World

Summary of Unit

In this unit, students are asked to analyze challenges and opportunities presented by the physical environment. The physical environment refers to the part of the human environment that includes purely physical factors such as soil, climate and water supply. These factors influence how we use the physical environment around us. The physical environment changes based on the region you are in, and in Canada, we have 7 different physical regions. The other aspect of the physical environment that students are asked to explore is how human activities both shape and change the physical features. Natural events and human activities can have social, political, environmental, and economic consequences, and students are asked to critically think about these changes and how they affect the physical environment and who they impact.

Overall Expectations Addressed

The overall expectations that this packet addresses are:
  • Analyze some challenges and opportunities presented by the physicalenvironment and ways in which people have responded to them.
  • Use the geographic inquiry process to investigate the impact of natural eventsand human activities that change the physical environment, exploring the impactfrom a geographic perspective.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of significant patterns in Earth’s physicalfeatures and of some natural processes and human activities that create and change those features.
Tehoniehtaronweh · September 16, 2020