2020-21 3, 4 hni’ nigaehawihs

Gadaihǫngwas · September 15, 2020
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Gadaihǫngwas is a Tuscarora, Turtle who first began her journey in immersion education as a young parent of children who started immersion programming at IL Thomas. Gadaihǫngwas was an active advocate and supporter for the immersion program and began volunteering in the SK class as a TA under the tutelage of Ms. Johnson in 2001. Since that time she dedicated herself to acting as a volunteer support person and supply teacher at IL Thomas, Stoneridge Immersion School Readiness Program and Gayogohono' Odehsę; In 2008, she was an original founding member of the Six Nations Language Commission where she advocated on behalf of all language programs on Six Nations for four years. In 2009, Gadaihǫngwas began her teaching career at Kawenni:io - Gawęni:yo Private School first as a Teacher Assistant and then as a full time teacher where she continues to work today.

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