Applications for Admission

High School and Kindergarten to grade 2 to be considered for admission.

i) Please email Registrar Suzy Burning at or by calling (905)768-7203 to make arrangements to pick-up and submit applications

ii) Application packages including all completed forms and documentation can be submitted digitally through email to

iii) Click here to start an online Application for Admission

2022-2023 Application for Admission

Ontario Student Record (OSR) Information

The OSR is the ongoing, confidential record of a student’s educational progress. The collection of this information is authorized by the Education Act. The Freedom of Information Act and Protection of Privacy Act protect its contents.

An OSR is established for each student who enrols in an elementary or secondary school that is operated by a public or separate school board in Ontario.

How to Request OSR Information

Please email Registrar Suzy Burning at or by calling (905)768-7203 to make arrangement to pick-up and submit OSR Information Request Forms.

Alternatively, the Ontario Student Record Information Request Form can be completed online.  Click here to complete the form online.

Over 30 years ago in 1986.

Gayogo̲ho:nǫˀnéha:ˀ (Cayuga language) / Kanien’kéha (Mohawk language)

Kawenní:io/Gawení:yo translates to, “Good words.”

KGPS is located at 3201 2nd Line Rd inside Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.