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The Kawenni:io/Gaweni:yo Elementary and Secondary (high school) School is a Gayoghno (Cayuga) and Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) language immersion school located on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory in Southern Ontario.

Our name reflects our mandate. The two words – Kawenni:io in the Mohawk language, and Gaweni:yo in the Cayuga language – means “good sounding words.” With this in mind, we have created a curriculum based on concepts as set forth in the Thanksgiving Address, which is a speech that is spoken before any meeting of our people and which is a reflection of how we view the world.



To provide a culturally-based education that promotes understanding and pride in being Rotinonhsion:ni/Hodinohso:ni while preparing students to deal successfully with the complexities of contemporary society.


The parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, all have put their minds together in the hope of providing an education that encourages the children to pursue and achieve excellence in their personal goals in a culturally appropriate manner.


The Goals of Education have been articulated and form the base upon which all curricula are developed and delivered.


The school is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of parents and community members. These members are accountable to the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory by accepting the duties and responsibilities as prescribed in the Board Policy.


Our society depends on citizens who think effectively, read critically, discuss intelligently, evaluate ideas constructively and creatively, and choose to act wisely based on a commitment to ethical values. The complexities and global nature of today’s world requires that education work in partnership with the rest of society to promote excellence, mutual accountability, lifelong learning, and receptiveness to change. Each individual has inherent value and dignity, and every individual has the right to an education throughout life. The Kawenni:io / Gaweni:yo Private School (KGPS) prepares future generations of Onkwehon:we / Ongwehonwe to invent their future.

Final Annual Report 2014-2015