Every Child Matters

In light of the grizzly discoveries found around the nation please consider signing our petition to reverse language loss.

Stay Connected

As we adjust to this new remote learning and working environment it's important that we maintain social relationships.

Language Resources

Online language resources to help your children retain and enhance their Gayogo̲ho:nǫˀnéha:ˀ or Kanien'kéha proficiency.

School Closure

It is a stressful time due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. We will persevere and we will get through this together using Ka’nikonhri:io/Ganigohi:yo (a good mind), Kasatsténhsera/Gasa’sdęshra (power), Skén:nen/Sgé:no (peace), Kanoronkhwa:tshera (love) and Aterihwakwennióntshera (respect) for our students, families, board, staff, community and one-another. Our thoughts and words of strength go out to everyone at this time.


KGPS is fundraising for a new building to continue and grow our efforts at language & culture revitalization.


Each and every bit helps! Thanks again for your support!


Employees intending to enter the school must complete the COVID-19 Screening Form. *Press the icon above to begin.